Sunday, January 17, 2010

.......( T_T )

Our Broken up family,
so disjointed,
and unfamiliar to me.
I feel lost in my own home.
Where did we all go?
What happened to the happy days?
All I see now, is a broken family.

I look at the picture,
hanging on the wall.
Happy faces smile back,
taunting me with the past.
They seem to say to me,
look what you ruined,
when you came back.

Our broken family,
wears a mask for the world.
No one sees the pain beneath.
yet I can see in their eyes,
the knowledge hidden there,
they heard the fights.
They are only being polite.
They know it's all wrong,
behind the bleak walls of home.

Our broken up family,
lives for the kill.
We sit and ponder,
conjuring up new ways.
To harm each other.
Making our own lives miserable.

Life shall never be the same again,
yet as I cry myself to sleep.
I hope for a better life.
Dream of a new begining.
I find that retribution,
in slicing myself to peices.
In the thrill, of feeling alive again.
The sight of blood a reminder,
life goes on.

An angel in my Hell.
It takes my life.
Consumes it wholly,
not a trace left to find.
No more pain, no more anger.
At last free.

Our broken family,
would never miss,
one member.
They would soon forget,
all about my pathetic being.
They'll go about,
their blissfully ignorant life.
And walk right on by.
Their life will go on.
My poor broken family.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

.beautiful friendship.

Friends, thank you for being such a superb wonderful friend to me.. i love ALL of you. Yes! i really mean it.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


kadang2 kate2 aku selalu dianggap kasa dan kurg ..
mcmane nk nasehat kan seorg yg sudah tua?? sebab mereka selalu rase mereka dah tua dan mereka betol walhal jelas depan mate kesalahan yang mereka buat?? macamane nk nasehatkn org yg memberikn kite peluang untuk hidup??macamane? aku bukan membenci tp aku kecewe. dalam sume perkare dunia yg terjadi, ni adalah yg paling mengecewekan aku. sumpah!